If you like bananas, you have probably experienced them going bad before you have had a chance to eat them or cook with them. Many banana lovers are always looking for ways to make bananas last longer. The good news is that there are tricks for keeping bananas longer.

1. Buy green bananas

One problem many people have is that they buy their bananas when they are already ripe. Unless you plan to use them right away, they will likely go bad within a couple of days. One of the best ways to make your bananas last longer is to get them when they are still green. It would be best if you also tried to get bananas that do not have many bruises as they will ripen faster.

2. Wrap the stems in plastic

The stems are also known as the crown, and they release ethylene gas. Ethylene causes fruits to ripen faster. In this case, the whole bunch of bananas. By wrapping this area with plastic, you prevent that substance from escaping and causing the ripening of all of them. Make sure you rewrap the stems after pulling one off. If you ask an expert, “why do my bananas go bad so fast?” Exposure to ethylene may be the reason.

3. Keep your bananas in a dark place that is not near other fruit and vegetables

When you are thinking about ways to keep your bananas longer, proper storage away from other fresh produce items will make it all stay fresh for longer. Sunlight can lead to banana ripening. All fruits and vegetables release ethylene as they ripen. Keeping your bananas away from other products can keep them fresh for a more extended period.

4. Consider a “banana bunker.”

If you and your family love bananas and you are wondering about how to make bananas last longer, you can buy a product that has been designed just for this purpose. Banana bunkers are containers shaped like a banana, have ventilation holes in them, and will protect the fruit from bruising and from being crushed (if it is in a backpack or purse).

5. Hang bananas or put them upside down in a basket

One great way to store bananas that keeps them from ripening too soon is to hang them by a hook, so they are suspended, or put them curved side down in a basket. These are great ways to store this kind of fruit and keep it from bruising.

6. Put ripe bananas in the fridge

After your bananas have gotten fully ripe, you can put them in the refrigerator. Wrap the ripe bananas in plastic and place them in the fridge. You may notice that the peels will darken, but the flesh inside will stay fresh and tasty to eat for several days after. The cooling process will extend the life of your bananas to give you a chance to enjoy them.

7. Put banana slices or chunks in a juice bath

After you have cut up your bananas into pieces, add a citrus juice. You only need a little, and it can be any acidic fruit juice. Some people use a brush, or you can sprinkle it on. Either way, it can protect the banana flesh from ripening too soon. Immerse the chunks or slices for between two and three minutes to keep it looking great for longer.

8. Cook or bake with them

You may not want to eat a brown or even black banana, but you can still make use of the fruit. If you have bananas that are way past their prime, you can always use them to make baked goods such as banana bread. Many bakers say bananas are best for baking when they are old and overripe.

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits on the planet. They are inexpensive, packed with nutrition, and taste great. Whether they are eaten as they come, made into a smoothie, or eaten some other way, it can be hard to find how to make bananas last longer. For some people, they lose their appeal when they ripen too much. Fortunately, there are ways to make your bananas last longer.

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